Experience, passion, competence

Alfredo, Andrea and Alberto are the leaders of a wonderful team who always faces long, difficult, delicate and almost impossible jobs with courage and enthusiasm.


Expert in road accident issues; technical advisor at the court of Milan, car body repairer for passion.


Mechanical engineer, expert in road accident issues, member of the national technical commission for car repair labor time allowance chart, technical consultant (CTU), director of the trade association (the National Confederation of Crafts); car body repairer for passion, technical advisor at the court of Milan.


Mechanical engineer, professor of mechanics at Institutes of Professional Training, car body repairer for passion, his motto is “restoring”.

Founder of Lineup Solution: Consulting and Training Service to car restoration centres.


Alfredo Lopane arrived in Milan in 1954 from the Gargano coast in the south of Italy. He immediately started to work in order to contribute in supporting his family.  

Alfredo had a great passion: cars. Finding a job in a car body repair shop in the Milan district of Affori  was the beginning of his adventure. The boy was a fast learner. Toward the end of the 50s Alfredo opened a small car body repair shop in partnership with his brothers and a friend. Strong determination and many sacrifices made his business very successful.

High quality service and customer care are his motto. No time to rest, they all work even on Sunday mornings.  His brothers and his friend choose other career paths, but Alfredo, stubborn as he was, carried on alone, or rather not: he met Adriana and they got married. Adriana took the role of accountant and still does, also finding the time to give Alfredo three children: Andrea, Alberto and Anna.

In the 80s Alfredo decided to widen his business in specializing in a niche market: restoration of vintage cars.  Alfredo felt the soul of those objects, precious and unique, and he realized that this would have been his passion.

First Alfredo moved his workshop to a new site in Cormano, near Milan, and hired a new collaborator: Stefano Bellini, a well experienced panel beater.  Alfredo threw himself into his new and exciting business adventure and created a successful working team. High quality service and customer care are more then ever his motto.  Every car is a theme,  a fascinating enigma to study and resolve. The car, its soul, its history, the emotions it transmits, the symbiosis with its owner, are the focuses of his job. It is difficult to separate the car repair workshop from the art craft workshop, his family from his business. In fact his children Andrea and Alberto joined him, sharing his love and passion for beautiful cars.  

Today the Lopane Workshop continues its activity with the same care and expertise as ever and offers modern and innovative services, in order to give back to vintage cars their original life and shine, so that they can keep on transmitting passion to who drive them, look at them, touch and love them. And so the history continues, turning into  the future.




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